Tears Of Guthix Guide: The Tears Of A God

The Tears Of Guthix can either be an adventure, or even a minigame, but this article will cover both! No matter what you will be gathering those tears from Guthix from the Lumberidge Swamp caves, and aiding a serpent named Juna while also discovering the reason the reason why the walls are

This is the Tears of Guthix Minigame


The game is simple to understand, however, it's very difficult to play. Be aware that the minigame can only be played one time per week. To do it, talk to Juna. You'll need to tell a story. Next, Juna will give you the bowl, and your task is to collect the most water you can in the bowl. You have 90 seconds to accomplish this, and you can collect 1 water per second.


Finding The Caves In The Lumberidge Swamp

There are two different ways to get inside the caves, depending on your progress on The mission "The Lost Tribe." The first guide assumes you haven't been into the caves before, and haven't started the quest. For starters, you must carry a bullseye lantern, which is durable enough to withstand the journey through the swamps and also unable to inflame the swamp gas that would explode.


Although you'll have to have the fire-making skills of 49 to light the lantern on your own however, you can request a player to build one for you in the event that you aren't equipped with the 49 smithing or craft skills to build the lantern parts. You will also require sapphire to create a sapphire lantern, because it (and the characteristics and properties of the lantern) are necessary for the quest to be successful.


It is possible to go inside the cave via the swamp. You will have to stay close to the wall in the south, until there is a gap inside of it. Then you should step one tile away from the wall and run past the holes in order to avoid fighting the wall beasts. There is a second area filled with swamp gas But your sapphire torch isn't able to ignite these.


In a short time, you'll move into the cave. You'll see a huge serpent close to the cave. Speaking to her will start the quest.


How To Get To the Caves If You've Been To The Caves "The The Lost Tribe"

If you've completed or completed the quest "The Lost Tribe' then you are aware that the basement of the Lumberidge castle connects underground. You can climb down from the castle and then travel toward Juna without risking the wall beasts or swamp gas. It's still a route you need to take however it's much safer , and 'The Lost Tribe' quest can kick off the story in a way, so you get a bit of a two-for-one.


Speaking To Juna


As long as you approach the serpent with no weapon and without weapons, she will converse with her and will tell you a story about the Tears of Guthix. She will tell you it was Guthix was known as the God of Balance and also being one of three main gods, along with Saradomin and Zamorak. The two gods fought opposing forces during the God Wars and sought control over the entire world The world was engulfed in flames.


Their armies clashed all over the globe, without a care for anything as millions perished, vast areas of land were destroyed, and many animal and plant species began to disappear. To say nothing of the fact that each nation was required to take weapons and fight their enemies.


Guthix woke up after a sleepless night and saw the complete destruction that the two forces were causing through their direct involvement with the world. He swiftly ended the fight and ordered all Gods to depart from the world, and force them to communicate via cults and proxies. However, not without weeping that exact cave you're standing in, wailing at the horror of the destruction that the other Gods had caused to his world.


To tell the story she told you, you will need to tell her one of the worlds above. The serpent says that she's been discontent and lonely for thousands of years, and you will need to share a tale of your adventurers. Clicking the option to tell her a tale will show an excerpt of text in which your character will briefly tell one of the adventures or quests they have gone on.


After the story is told, Juna will allow you to enter the cave so that you can search for the tears. You will require the right stone bowl take them in and can only be found on the upper floor.


Carving Your Stone Bowl

You will head up the hill again, and then climb over some rocks, There is a vast area that is shrouded in darkness, where you can see floating balls of light called light creatures. Utilize your candle to attract one of the creatures towards you, and they will then pick your up and you'll be able go to in the direction where one rocks that hold the stone bowls is.


You'll be able to use the pickaxe on the rock to get the magic stone, and you will be able to create an ajar of stone using your chisel. After that, you can gift the bowl to Junia who will finish the quest. It will also provide access to the weekly "Tears Of Guthix" Minigame.


Retrieving The Tears Of Guthix

In order to play the minigame you can play for free the first time, and you will have to earn at minimum 100,000 experience points or a quest point in order to play the game again. Your quest log will give you the number of experience points are required before you can play the game. Additionally, you will need to attend to a real-world week to be able to play the game.


If you're playing the game immediately after the quest, you will be able to go into the cave and observe different blue liquid streams falling off the walls. Begin to walk towards the walls and fill your bowl with blue tears, while making sure to stay clear of green tears, which will decrease the amount of tears gained. As you look at the tear streams they will stay in the same spot for 9 seconds, before the position changes. You will need to run towards the nearest stream to keep the flow going.


There is a limit once you're in the cave, but the duration is controlled by the number of quest points you've got. Each quest point gives you a game tick within in the cave. When you've got 100 points you get 100 seconds inside the cave. If your quest score is 200 then you'll have 200 seconds to collect tears, and so on.


Finally, once you have completed the time limit, you will exit the cave, and take a drink of the tears you have collected. You will then gain the most experience you can in your lowest ability according to the amount of tears you have gotten.


In the end, the amount of experience you get will be contingent on the experiences you've had. If your lowest level is and you have 10 experience per tear. When your level at the lowest is 20, you will get 26.6 experiences per tear and 60 experiences per tear at level 30. It is also where it comes to a stop.


If you have a variety of capabilities that are at similar levels, you'll receive the experience reward for the skill with the lowest amount of amount of experience. If you happen upon capabilities at the same level and with the same experience number, the experience will be applied to the skill in the stats tab first.


Now, if you haven't yet unlocked your construction or herblore, or runecraft skills, then the experience boost cannot be applied to those skills. It is necessary to unlock construction by buying a house, herblore by completing your Druidic Ritual quest, and runecraft by completing you to do the Rune Mysteries quest. Then , they'll be applied to the experience level earned through the tears.