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Join the most reliable yoga center in Gurgaon that will lead to your healthy lifestyle. Our expert yoga instructors will provide the best yoga training to you.

Today's hectic fast-paced modern lifestyle has brought material well-being, but little is done to address the dimension of spiritual or inner wellbeing.

Yoga, an ancient science of evolving the human system to its highest potential, becomes all the more relevant today. Sadhguru often says that this human body is the most sophisticated gadget on the planet. But have we read its user manual? Yoga is the user manual which helps you raise your human system to its highest potential. Once your body is working at its highest, all diseases, stress are simply taken care of.

Isha hatha yoga is a unique set of Yogic practices brought by Sadhguru to explore this ancient science of yoga in its full depth and dimension. At Sadhyog's Yoga center in gurgaon, we teach these powerful practices. The classes are conducted by world class teachers trained under the guidance of Sadhguru.

We are proud to have offered these yogic practices to 1500+ participants in Gurgaon. 

Sharing some testimonials:

Sadhyog is not like a regular yoga classes in Gurgaon where you follow a usual set of practices in a dark basement, following the trainer's instructions.

Sadhyog is an experience!

The initial sessions are a mix of physical movement, explanation on Sadhyog philosophy, pranayam and Sadhguru's teachings.

I have been to two studios that are pristine white with high levels of cleanliness hygiene, beautifully kept and add to one's experience. The sessions are structured to address inner outer transformation, the trainers make you feel welcomed, the studios make you feel peaceful, and this makes me excited to go for the sessions.

These are unique sessions, nothing like I have experienced earlier.

-Ruchita, 4 months with Sadhyog

I was looking for yoga classes in Gurgaon and came across Sadhyog. This is a different place to be when you are looking for yoga classes in Gurgaon in terms of not just physical well-being but mental too. Amazing place to learn and unlearn from the best of the people. The right yoga practices here makes your body more at ease. I have been practicing here for the last few months and can also feel the difference. This is a very different yoga studio and is highly recommended.

-Soham, 14 months with Sadhyog

I think joining Sadhyog has been my best decision this year. The experience here is really wonderful. Perfect ambience with great teachers who truly believe in imparting this wonderful knowledge in its purest form. Every mudra/asanas is explained in depth. There are so many small details to every asana that makes so much difference which I am getting to know here. Also, each day is designed with a slightly different set of yoga practices and there is something new at regular intervals which never lets you feel monotonous. Everyday I look forward to coming here.There is a different calmness and happiness within.

Hope that everyone gets to have this beautiful experience

-Parul, 6 months with Sadhyog

I have been transformed by it. Initially, my goal for joining a yoga class was to lose some weight and become more peaceful, but Dilbag anna helped us understand the depth of the practice. Our knowledge is greatly enriched by surya kriya and surya shakti, as well as other asanas taught by experienced teachers. If you want to start practicing yoga, I highly recommend this place.

-Praneeth, 8 months with Sadhyog

I never thought that yoga could replace gym. I started hatha yoga at Sadhyog 4 months ago. I am now more mentally and emotionally balanced. My sincere gratitude to Dilbag Anna and Sheetal Akka for guidance and support.

-Jitesh, 13 months with Sadhyog

It feels great to be a part of this amazing program. It's been two weeks and the transition that I have started to see makes me feel good each day and to start my day on a positive note. The ambience in itself sends you soothing vibes. The practices have been designed in a way that any individual who is new to yogic practice will actually feel self motivated to learn the same once they have attended the session with mind and heart in wholesomeness. The guidance provided by the trainers and their constant supervision makes you evolve each day. Being a part of this journey has also motivated me to work upon my thought process, discipline and how to keep myself calm while the mind is juggling with numerous thoughts.

While I know this is just the start but the way I am heading with these practices, I feel really good about myself. One thing that I have adopted in my life with this practice is giving priority to my well being.

And for all those workaholics who have put their well being on the backseat and looking for a moment to reverse this cycle would recommend experiencing the program. It surely helps !!!


-Priyalisa, 5 months with Sadhyog

Finally, a place where YOGA is much more than transforming your body not only physically but mentally too. The ambience and vibes of the studio is very soothing. Best experience so far and look forward to learning more.

A Must have experience for everyone!

-Neha, 3 months with Sadhyog

It's been an amazing experience at sadhyog. I have been practicing surya kriya surya shakti for a month and I feel so energetic   bright the whole day. Even after a hectic day I have a lot of energy in me, my back pain has gone and my posture has improved. Also I am more pleasant relaxed than ever. Since I have also done inner engineering, the experience of shambhavi mahamudra after hatha yoga changes to the next level.

I would highly recommend people to join this course and practice it everyday.


-Aarushi, 7 months with Sadhyog

Sharing my experience after attending the Surya Kriya workshop over the weekend.

The first thing that I felt was an increase in my energy levels and alertness. I did not feel tired or sleepy anytime of the day after just learning the steps to perform the kriya.

The method of instruction also helped in understanding the process better and to remember the technique as well as steps.

The most significant part I felt was being in the space that has been created. The positive energy can surely be experienced.

-Karan, 8 months with Sadhyog

A beautiful and a change announcing practice for life that can make a mind stronger and more resilient to negative thoughts and emotions. I practice Surya Kriya for a thoughtful reunion with self. Gratitude to Guru Sadhguru for making this a humble and peaceful yogic practice for people around the world. Yoga with determination is an educational tool. Thank you.

Isha Yoga teachers are brilliant and masterful.

-Ruchi, 5 months with Sadhyog

Thank you for such a beautiful workshop such a detailed seemingly complex practice(with all the breathing patterns counts) melted into the system with ease. Effects of the practice were felt immediately after the two rounds we did together. It did bring in a sense of stillness complete silence, I didn’t want to open my eyes( which was the best part). I will continue the practice for the next 40 days for sure. I would like to add that I registered for the workshop after seeing an instagram post of their space. It now totally makes sense why, the moment I entered the space I knew there’s something more, something special here.

If you are reading this and still contemplating if it's worth the time, energy money. I assure you, it is. Do give it a try!

-Reyana, 9 months with Sadhyog

The one thing I love about Isha classical Hatha Yoga is that it’s taught in its purest form (without the frills) I recently attended Angarmadana with Sadhyog, the way you are supported by the teachers, the space you are practicing in, and the questions you have, all were clearly explained and answered. I walk away with the tools I need to continue my daily practice with confidence because of the way everything was conducted. Yes difficulties arose and Dilbagh Anna was readily available to discuss in further detail with you one to one   I am grateful for the invaluable tools you have given me I feel like I don’t ever need to go to another yoga classes in Gurgaon again I will practice daily what you have taught me and continue on my journey and see you again soon when I’m back in India

-Anju, 6 months with Sadhyog

Initially I was apprehensive about Sadyog, and thought that they are another shop of Yoga and might be exploiting the pious Sadhguru teachings.

However after interaction with the organizers and attending the Surka Shakti programme, my apprehension got cleared. Sadyog is truly following Sadguru programme and technology, as he loves to call them.

I thank and congratulate the management of Sadyog for continuing this noble cause.

-Dharmender, 5 months with Sadhyog

Our Yogic Community at Sadhyog is a strong family of people coming from different walks of life. We all come together to experience the transformative power of Isha Hatha Yoga.

If you are looking for yoga classes in Gurgaon, Sadhyog is your destination.

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