Rocket League Season 9: Release Date and Everything We Know so far

Rocket League Season 9 will begin on December 7, 2022. While we already knew that Season 8’s December 6 ending pointed towards a December 7 start

Rocket League Season 9 is on its way soon and we can reveal all the latest news and information about this upcoming new season. The gaming community have been loving the car football game ever since its release, which was seven years ago, and a huge reason for this is due to the fact that they introduce new content via seasons every few months. With Season 8 around a month in, gamers are still excited with the content they have been given; however, they are now looking for any news or updates around season 9. Learn more information about Rocket League Season 9, you can get more Rocket League Credits to help you enjoy the game.

Rocket League Season 9

Like any other game on the internet today, Rocket League is one such game that brings a new season in it now and then. It is because there are various things in the game that either need to be improved or there is some essential introductions in the game that need to be introduced in the game that might improve the gameplay of the game.

The baseline here is that a new season in the Rocket League game means that players will be treated to a lot of great as well as new content within the game; it can range from anything like accessories related to the car, new features introduced to the football game, or any new system that can make the game more immersive. A good piece of news here is that you won’t have to wait for the new season in the game to get introduced as the time has come, and you will come across it soon.

Rocket League Season 9 start date

Rocket League Season 9 will begin on December 7, 2022. While we already knew that Season 8’s December 6 ending pointed towards a December 7 start date for the following season, developer Psyonix confirmed the date with official key art for Rocket League Season 9. Rocket League seasons typically last for around three months, so we can expect Season 9 to run until March 2023.

When Rocket League Season 9 starts, there will be a new Rocket Pass for players to dive into. As with previous seasons, it will feature a series of exclusive rewards for players to unlock through the completion of challenges. Speaking of challenges, Season 9 will bring a crop of new trailers for both Free and Premium Rocket Pass owners to complete over the course of the season.

Rocket League Season 9 Unveiled

The theme of this new season is none other than the clash between fire and ice. Most of the new releases will be marked by these elements, especially with the Rocket Pass, which will offer a new car, the Emperor. Four versions will be available for those who acquire the pass, and who progress through the levels. Note that the Emperor has a Breakout hitbox. Many customization elements will also be unlockable, such as the Constella sticker, the Piercer: Crystalized wheels or the Forerunner: Roasted wheels. Goal explosions will also be offered at levels 96 and 115.

On the content side, it will be possible to enjoyof a new arena variant, the Forbidden Temple (fire and ice), in which the elements have taken over. During the season, it will be possible to take advantage of temporary modes, with the return of Neon Nights, but also the famous Frosty Fest. More information on this will be shared in due course.

In Season 9, will there be any new rewards?

Fans of Rocket League will be thrilled to learn that season 9 will bring new rewards. Included in these new incentives are new car accessories, a new automobile, new trails, banners, and a new map.

These new incentives will start to be disclosed as season 9 approaches its premiere.

Rocket League Season 9 Rocket Pass

There is one thing that you need to know about the battle pass in the Rocket League game, which is that when a new season goes live in Rocket League, a new Rocket Pass is revealed for the gamers. These Rocket League Season 9 Rocket Pass can be bought using in-game or real-life currency. Rewards in these Rocket Passes include various things like new cosmetics, cars, trails, banners, etc.

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